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Fujitsu's latest production scanning offerings continue the company's trend with that range of focusing on usability and total cost of ownership as much as on specific product features

The fi-7800 and fi-7900 look almost identical at first glance, the key difference being in their rated scan speeds: 110 pages per minute (A4 at 300 dpi) for the fi-7800, 140ppm for the fi-7900 (images per minute, as ever, are double these figures for duplex scanning).

To improve efficiency, the fi-7800 includes versatile document feeding options to handle various document types and formats, from mixed batches to different paper types, thicknesses, materials, sizes and volumes. This reduces time spent by operators on dividing up large batches prior to scan. Fujitsu's industry-leading paper protection and handling ensure quality, while the enhanced stacker control will slow down paper as it exits the scanner, stacking all documents uniformly.

These are serious production workhorses then, aimed at mailrooms, service bureaux, large businesses and government departments and the like. There are numerous design features which illustrate the intention to reduce operator intervention and downtime due to stopped scanners - throughput and reliability are the key words here. The scanner itself is ergonomically designed to be comfortably operated from a seated position if desired - as is often a requirement in intensive scanning setups where operation is more or less continuous. As we've come to see in most of the Fujitsu range, ease of use is at the core of the design, with large clear buttons and display.

To prevent breakdowns, the new scanners utilise a metal-plated paper path that Fujitsu claims will eliminate damage from paper friction, unlike resin surfaces. Similarly a new ball-bearing structure balances the load on the shaft, giving the scanner increased longevity and maximising productivity. As well as being designed to be robust in use, the fi-7800 also benefits from thoughtful touches to make maintenance and even cleaning less burdensome. A daily cleaning mode allows users to be sure of correct cleaning of glass surfaces and rollers to give them a longer life - vital in high volume scan environments . In addition the front of the scanner has been designed to open up very wide for easy access while LED lighting illuminates the inner workings of the scanner, making maintenance and cleaning of these areas quick and easy for operators.

DM Magazine was able to see these new devices in action at Fujitsu's recent ISV event at their Hayes head office, where a number of channel partners were on hand to share their enthusiasm for the fi-7800 and fi-7900.

To complete the solution approach, Fujitsu is also now focusing on a full Service offering which it suggests will enable much more predictable cost modelling for partners and end users. With elements such as maintenance, cleaning, consumables and warranty, it can ensure that these impressive new scanners operate continuously to their full potential, leaving users able to focus on their business.
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The fi-7800 showcases a range of genuinely useful enhancements for production scanning environments, designed to reduce operator interventions and prep time and improve throughput and reliability.