Review: Alaris INfuse

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Alaris has described its recently released INfuse offering as a 'smart connected scanning solution' and it is clear that the company has put enormous effort into a whole new approach to its channel that is about far more than scanner hardware

The INfuse approach has been driven by partners and VARs, with the intention being to protect their business model by making tighter integration between their cloud-focused solutions and the capture/onboarding elements supplied by Alaris. These partners need cost-effective ways to install and manage a fleet of devices while helping their enterprise customers to efficiently and accurately onboard information into business processes.

In essence INfuse offers an improved onboarding experience for users, with notifications of successful scans (and exceptions) greatly simplified and automated. The management software runs on Azure and AWS, meaning it can be easily and rapidly ramped up as applications scale. Alaris claims that the benefits of this approach include better control of a fleet of devices (as device management, firmware updates etc. are all centrally managed) as well as enhanced financial security; indeed ROI should typically be less than six months.

The Alaris INfuse solution includes three main components:

• The partner's software application - An Alaris channel partner or solution provider (typically an ISV or integrator) provides a cloud-based enterprise solution such as invoice processing, medical records management, or customer account management. The partner's software or line-of-business application integrates with Alaris APIs.

• The INfuse Management Software - The software provides easy end-user setup, remote configuration and fleet management through a bidirectional API provided by Alaris. End users simply scan a smart setup sheet provided by the partner and they are up and running with no training required, which slashes upfront and ongoing management costs.

• The INfuse AX Scanner - A smart network scanning device requiring no PC or software/drivers that accurately and securely transfers data, metadata and finished image files directly into a business process. INfuse offers enterprise-level security, including a separate data path and control path to isolate confidential content for secure transmission. The INfuse AX Scanner can be configured to carry the partner's branding on its display.

INfuse is a deceptively simple but highly effective solution: partner organisations simply need to send out a copy of the setup sheet with every scanner, and that will do all the configuration for the end user. Whenever a scan is then successfully transmitted and form fields validated, the end user will receive a real-time acknowledgement - along with immediate exception notifications. This means missing forms, signatures and other critical information can be detected and corrected instantly, saving money and improving employee productivity.
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There is little doubt that the INfuse concept will appeal enormously to Alaris channel partners, offering as it does a simple and cost-effective way for them to develop tightly integrated user onboarding solutions. For SIs looking to develop 'capture at the edge' INfuse is a great place to start.