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The newest member of the Emmedi software solutions family brings automated capture to far more than just cheque processing

4Cheque PRO is a new addition to the Emmedi family, created to extend to companies the knowledge acquired from their software over several years in decoding with an optical approach the information present on all types of documents handled at the front desk. 4Cheque PRO is the next evolution of 4Cheque, which revolutionised the Italian cheque scanning market, playing a key role in the digital revolution and the paperless process that involved Italian banks, reaching more than 100,000 4Cheque installations worldwide to date.

The 4Cheque PRO software allows companies to automate the process of managing all front-desk documents through the following steps: acquisition, decoding, archiving and sharing. Acquisition can be carried out through various different capture devices, including A4 scanners and smartphones. 4Cheque PRO can process multiple types of documents that are presented at the front desk, such as identity documents, passports, paper documents - no longer just cheques.

4Cheque PRO is perfect for several sectors such as holiday homes, hotels, car hire desks, gyms, or any other business area that requires front-desk customer information management and processing. 4Cheque PRO decodes the MRZ, or Machine Readable Zone, found in identity documents and passports, using OCR-A, OCR-B and all types of barcodes. In addition NFC (Near Field Communication) or radio-frequency data reading is available.

4Cheque PRO can be configured in different ways to adapt the process to the specific needs of the users and their customers. Its flexibility allows two different settings for Holiday Home rental and Hotel for example, even though they have similar requirements.

For smaller organisations such as Holiday Home rentals it is possible to use a smartphone to acquire the documents directly at the accommodation, then return them immediately to the customer. In the case of smartphones with NFC functionality it is also possible to verify the authenticity of the document. It is then possible to check and integrate the data needed directly from a PC in the office or at home to complete the workflow. For example, in Italy 4Cheque PRO is already provided with the automatic export to send directly to the police all the information needed by law, in the format requested by the authorities. Moreover, it is possible to carry out other documentation, such as the information requested for the calculation of tourist tax.

For larger organisations, where a desktop scanner is required, 4Cheque PRO enables a perfect decoding process and again, associated with an NFC device can verify the authenticity of the document presented.

In this way, it is possible to split the document acquisition and the verification and integration of data, speeding up the whole process and allowing the customer to have a better front desk experience. Furthermore, as no photocopy of the document is necessary, the process is GDPR compliant and at the same time more efficient. Having a process such as 4Cheque PRO with a scanner in place could potentially save hotels and other establishments on their operating costs. With operators able to process checking in guests faster with this combined solution, more time is available for staff to conduct other tasks and help other customers.

4Cheque PRO is a flexible system that can be adapted to any opportunities where a customer's data may need to be collected at a front desk, allowing acquisition from different devices such as smartphones, MFP and desktop scanners, and automating the process completely, ensuring high-performance and reliable decoding.
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