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According to IDC, in five years 80 percent of data will be unstructured. If your organisation struggles to leverage data today, you might be wondering how you'll keep up tomorrow, next year and five years from now

Let's start by taking a look at where your information lives. If you haven't invested in automation technology or if it's out of date, it's highly likely you're dealing with an abundance of paper files that need to make their way into your digital systems. Once all of those files have been scanned, you still have to convert the files into PDF documents to ensure the data they contain is searchable and editable. This time-consuming and inefficient process drives up costs. And let's face it, more manual touchpoints mean a higher risk of errors and lost information.

But it isn't just paper that's a problem. You're probably also receiving emails, images and files in other digital formats. The truth is, the amount of data your organisation takes in every day is staggering. That's why a key component of any organisation's digital transformation is ensuring information is no longer trapped in unstructured formats that can't be accessed or shared. Because in today's digitally-driven market, providing great customer experiences and empowering your employees to be more productive relies on fast access to accurate information.

You need a solution that swiftly and accurately digitises, converts and compresses files in your document archives at scale. Kofax OmniPage Server is a high-volume, server-based PDF and image converter that uses leading OCR technology. The solution makes achieving an immediate ROI with increased productivity, accuracy and reduced costs possible by putting your information to work in important business processes.

With Kofax OmniPage Server, your company can:

• Automatically convert millions of documents at a time
• Process documents nonstop in a single workflow
• Support virtually all document and image formats
• Adapt to all business process requirements with a highly scalable server solution

We've established that drowning in the unstructured data explosion is not an option for your business. Now, let's take a look at what your business operations could look like tomorrow by implementing Kofax OmniPage Server.

When you make the shift to the versatile capabilities of this dynamic document conversion solution, one of the first things you'll experience is the simple-to-use API. Allowing you to integrate OCR functions into other applications and support virtually all operating system platforms for desktop computers and mobile devices will put the productivity of your workforce on overdrive.

With OmniPage Server, workers can automatically convert from TIFF, JPEG and PDF into a wide range of word processing, spreadsheet and other document types, such as DOCX, XLSX, PPTX, RTF, TXT, text PDF, searchable PDF and PDF/A. And the ability to use a web browser or shared network folders makes conversion tasks easier and more efficient to complete.

And while productivity is key to your business outcomes, security is key to keeping your business in compliance with GDPR and other regulatory guidelines. OmniPage Server puts security and privacy standards fully in your control. Information becomes easier to search, redact, password protect and encrypt.

What about storage? While digital files don't take up physical space in your office or warehouse, they can take up valuable storage space and consume bandwidth. OmniPage Server uses MRC PDF compression technology to achieve PDF super-compression. That means the information in your digital files is optimised in size, accuracy, availability and security.

And information optimisation is how competitive organisations lay the groundwork for effective digital transformation. Kofax OmniPage Server is ready to put your company in control of its documents and information, so you can work like tomorrow - today.
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