Glittering prizes

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This year's PFU partner awards were announced at a gala dinner in Berlin surrounded by Lamborghinis, Maseratis - and the occasional classic Citroen H van!

For the 8th time, the main event for many at the PFU (EMEA) Information Capture Conference was the partner awards ceremony, held to coincide with the gala dinner at Berlin's Classic Remise, a spectacular venue opened in 2003 in what used to be a tram depot, and which now houses an amazing variety of classic and vintage cars, supercars, motorcycles, luxury vehicles and some frankly bizarre looking commercial vans and boat transporters.

With the sumptuous dinner out of the way we were welcomed by Kiyoshi Handa, president and CEO of PFU Limited. Handa-san spoke of the innovation and expertise displayed by many of the night's winners, and of the importance of a true partnership approach to the success not just of PFU, but of its partner network as well. The winners were then announced by Mike Nelson of PFU EMEA, and are listed in full below.