Microfilm conversion - do it right the first time

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DM Magazine looks at e-ImageData's DRFT scanning technology, the latest trend in microfilm digital conversion

It was once thought that ribbon scanning was the only way to ensure that 100% of the images on a roll of microfilm would be captured. Since the recent introduction of e-ImageData's Do it Right the First Time (DRFT) scanning technology, this archaic thinking has fallen by the wayside.

Ribbon scanning is a "do-it-quick, fix-it-later" process that was considered to be the fastest way to do microfilm digital conversion. We all know the old adage - "There's never enough time to do it right but always enough time to do it over". Such is the case with ribbon scanning. Although the scanning step in ribbon scanning is fast, the subsequent post processing steps of straightening, cropping, adjusting, and rescanning can take many times longer than the scanning step.

e-ImageData's ScanPro All-In-One conversion scanner features DRFT scanning technology that ensures images are straightened, cropped and adjusted on the fly, eliminating the post processing steps required with ribbon scanning. The All-In-One was developed to fill the need in the marketplace for a microfilm digital conversion tool that is versatile (scans both roll film and fiche), simple to operate, saves time, and at a cost that is a small fraction of that of ribbon scanning equipment. With DRFT scanning technology, ScanPro All-In-One users enjoy:

  • Total Image Capture: Scans 100% of the images
  • Saves Time: Your job is complete the first time
  • Saves Money: A small fraction of the cost of ribbon scanning equipment
  • Versatile: Scans roll film and fiche
  • Secure: Portable, allowing secure in-house scanning of confidential documents

"e-ImageData's DRFT scanning technology is a paradigm shift in digital microfilm conversion. What once required hardware and software costing $50,000 and more is now available in a ScanPro All-In-One costing less than $7,500. Stay connected with us to see our progress as we will soon have a web-based viewing option that will allow web access to all your scanned document images," says Todd Kahle, Vice President of e-ImageData.

With the award-winning ScanPro All-In-One, users are able to convert entire microfilm collections that include 16mm, 35mm, fiche, jacketed fiche and aperture cards and perform on-demand research all within one unit. The All-In-One allows you to easily read, scan, print and convert your images with exceptional speed and accuracy and automatically with its motorised AUTO-Carrier. The surprisingly affordable All-In-One reaps the benefits of both a roll film and fiche conversion unit and an on-demand unit all within one machine - saving time and money.

The ScanPro All-In-One conversion scanners have features and capabilities not found on any other microfilm equipment. Patrons have named these features as being special in making working with microfilm enjoyable and fun. Names like the "magic button" and the "must have feature" that reflect patron appreciation for the continual effort to make working with microfilm both easy and fun.

A ScanPro Advantage membership is included with the ScanPro All-In-One for free for the first 6 months and only US$249/year thereafter. The membership includes advanced software features like AUTO-Scan Pro that scans up to 100 images per minute, the ability to auto-adjust each scan for proper brightness, PowerScan Productivity Suite (Optical Character Recognition software) that provides the ability to save scans in many file formats and OCR while scanning and linking directly to a database for information look-ups. Being a member grants users full access to new features and performance enhancements as they become available - making your ScanPro the only scanner you will ever have to buy.

All current ScanPro models (ScanPro i9300, ScanPro 3000 and the ScanPro 2200) can ship from the factory as an All-In-One conversion scanner for both roll film and fiche. Every ScanPro All-In-One model maintains all of the features and benefits of the model that has been selected for its desired requirements.

"Our ScanPro 2200 All-In-One works fast, it does the scanning job without flaw, and all of the aforementioned is done without a hiccup," enthuses Elizabeth Chan, Tamarac Branch Library, Florida. "The price is not too expensive, it can scan to multiple locations with one click, and it can scan 16mm/35mm microfilm, too!"

More info: www.e-imagedata.com