Review: Fujitsu SP-1125N

PFU Fujitsu has launched three new models of its SP scanner range, the SP-1120N, SP-1125N and SP-1130N, which it describes as a 'refresh' of the series rather than a whole new product.

They are targeted at businesses that are looking to take their first steps toward a structured approach to scanning and capture. This might be organisations who've never got into scanning at all, but may be more likely to be those who have used - and not been entirely enamoured by - the limited scan functionalities of their existing MFP/MFD fleet. Anyone who has tried to use MFDs for more than infrequent ad-hoc use will soon see that dedicated scanners are more efficient in use, offer vastly better and more consistent image quality, and simpler integration of capture tasks - all in a smaller footprint device.

Such users are unlikely to need (yet!) the advanced features of Fujitsu's fi Series scanners, but may well feel they need more than a ScanSnap device can offer. As such the new SP devices offer an ideal - and affordable - on-ramp to scanning for business. SMEs will be attracted by the potential admin savings, while larger businesses will definitely be impressed by the compact, efficient and economical scanner in their office environment.

Business functions from accounts to HR, as well as horizontal requirements such as compliance, still tend to be, in PFU's words, 'stubbornly paper-based', which makes them a prime target for digitisation using simple, compact, economical devices like the SP scanners.

The device we looked at was the SP-1125N, offering scan speeds of up to 25 pages per minute (the other two offer 20 and 30ppm, unsurprisingly). Perhaps the biggest key improvement on the refreshed models is the inclusion of the full version of PaperStream included with the scanner, which gives users an easy way to, for instance, generate searchable PDFs - probably the first stage for any operation looking to digitise a document process. LAN support has also been added, as well as support for Mac and Linux environments, as well as USB 3.2 for optimal response.

PaperStream is a well-established tool and new users will find it simple to configure to match their document workflows. Users also get the powerful PaperStream IP image processing software that includes fast image cleanup to ensure only the best quality images are being passed into the receiving system. User training is minimal, with the option to use the 'quick scan' button with default settings meaning that - depending on the users' requirements - the SP-1125N could be deployed pretty much straight out of the box.

It is worth mentioning that - as you'd expect - the migration path from the SP series to the fi range is very straightforward, so as scanning needs grow in scale and/or complexity, there is no need to throw the baby out with the bathwater and start the scanning journey afresh.

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With the 'refreshed' SP range, PFU Fujitsu is able to offer a budget-conscious way in to scanning for businesses who are new to capture, as well as those who are ready to take the next step from the limitations of multi-function devices.