A matter of records

The IRMS Conference has always been the centre of gravity for information and records management professionals working in the public and private sector, to congregate and collaborate on the important matters impacting the organisations they represent

The Information and Records Management Society (IRMS) is focusing on ensuring new digitally transformed workplaces are protected by strong information governance, and is welcoming members and non-members working in the sector to its annual IRMS Conference 2021.

If you work in an organisation that is harnessing digital tools, technologies and techniques to transform its record management processes, or you are a supplier who can demonstrate best practice, then you really need to be at this year's IRMS Conference.

This highly topical three-day conference aims to provide record management professionals with the latest insights, ideas and best practice into the key challenges that underpin the IRM agenda - presented by leading thinkers and practitioners.

The informative and inspiring conference will highlight how putting information and data at the heart of the organisation can drive effective business processes that meet the demands of the changing world.

Reynold Leming, Chair of the IRMS, cites new challenges facing the sector since March 2020: "Information governance professionals have had to adjust to remote working while at the same time addressing a number of different record-keeping challenges. These include ensuring that access to confidential business information is kept secure; making sure that important content created in collaborative environments is properly captured; addressing and managing the shadow record-keeping practices that emerge at home; and creating policies for newly created records relating to health, facilities, and more."

Leming adds: "The world of work has changed, perhaps forever, but the imperative of good practice in information and records management is stronger than ever."

The IRMS will be promoting, supporting, and sharing good practice when it brings together practitioners, compliance managers, senior executives and information and records management professionals for its annual conference in 2021.

The three-day conference will also help delegates get to grips with the key technologies that underpin this rapidly evolving discipline by demonstrating many of the latest innovations within a colocated information market area including new developments from leading solutions providers such as OASIS, Iron Mountain, Records Transformation, ACT NOW, Aaris, Arkivum, DPO Centre, eCase, Equiniti, Freevacy, PFU Fujitsu, Harwell, OneTrust, Oyster IMS, Preservica, Restore and others.

The conference programme also features confirmed keynote speakers including Calum Liddle, Data Protection Officer at Bolt, Judith Ellis, Managing Director, Enterprise Knowledge and Chair of the ISO Committee for Records Management Standards; and Ivana Bartoletti, Technical Director - Privacy at Deloitte.

Leming concludes: "Later this year will be one of the first opportunities to meet face-to-face to share our experiences and consider the wider theme of how information, people, technology and regulation combine to create business processes that meet the demands of our changing world."

More info: www.irmsconference.org.uk