BI4ALL launches two new products

AI-based document recognition tool and analytics/BI from Portugal

BI4ALL, a Lisbon-based company specialising in Data Analytics and Artificial Intelligence services, has launched two products to the UK market, BIA Document Recognizer and BIA Reporting, "to improve organisations' performance, making them more agile and competitive".

Decision effectiveness, cost reduction and process improvement are among the priority tasks for managers. The BIA Reporting and BIA Document Recognizer products allow users to optimise different organisation's areas, automating different processes and offer a complete and intuitive view of the business easily and immediately.

The BIA Document Recognizer product is a platform based on Artificial Intelligence that allows any company to extract data from documents, from invoices and receipts to packing lists, and send that information to other platforms. Process automation, reduction of errors, creation and modification of templates, intuitive visualisation and integration with existing solutions are some of the benefits of Document Recognizer.

When uploading a document or photo with Document Recognizer, it is possible to extract data automatically, which minimises errors and set up free employees for more complex and strategic tasks. Consequently, it enables the automation of business processes, managing to access information intuitively and reliably.

The BIA Reporting product facilitates access to information, making the decision faster by presenting an unlimited number of Data Analytics reports and dashboards in a single location - information that can be shared with anyone within the organization or outside. With quick and intuitive access, it is possible to securely view all company data in one place, consult different reports and compare them to ensure better decisions.

BIA Reporting is developed on a cloud platform, it is adaptable and personalized on a case-by-case basis, with the ability to determine specific accesses by users and to develop the collaborative aspect through comments and indications in the files.

José Oliveira, CEO of BI4ALL, commented: “Now more than ever it is important to ensure that organisations reach their maximum performance, capacity and potential, and it is crucial to provide them with tools that enable the optimisation of their operations and business strategies. The launch of BIA Reporting and BIA Document Recognizer reflects precisely this by digitally emancipating critical areas for organisations, such as access to information in a practical, complete and intuitive way. These two new products represent another milestone on the path we set out in the commitment to make organisations more and more agile, optimised and digital, through innovative, disruptive products and adapted to their needs.”