Infosource shares 2022 Capture Vendor Matrix

Editorial Type: News Date: 2022-03-01 Views: 1,463 Tags: Document, Capture, Research, Strategy, AI, Infosource
Ranks leading ISVs based on market direction and execution

Analyst firm Infosource Software has released its 2022 Global Capture Vendor Matrix. The matrix ranks 20 of the top vendors in the market. Capture Software is used to turn unstructured business information into actionable data for business transactions. In 2021, Infosource sized the Capture Software market as worth more than $5B.

Infosource’s matrix ranks a broad range of Capture vendors. “In recent years, we’ve seen a remarkable diversification of the vendors competing in the Capture market,” noted Ralph Gammon, Senior Analyst for Infosource Software and author of the Global Capture Vendor Matrix Report. “The main catalyst has been the widespread availability of machine learning and AI algorithms that are increasingly being applied to Capture. About half the vendors included in this year’s matrix were not ranked in our matrix just three years ago.”

Vendors are ranked on a combination of Strategy and Capabilities and Sales and Marketing Execution. Strategy and Capabilities factors considered included company vision, ability to handle omni-channel inputs, cloud architecture, completeness of intelligent Capture offerings, low-code/no-code capabilities, and workflow automation (including RPA and BPM strategy). These are all characteristics of how Infosource defines next-generation Capture solutions.

Related to Market Execution, Infosource analysts considered the vendor’s customer base, partnerships, ability to deliver solutions that address market requirements, ease of solution implementation, and demand generation capabilities.

Three Stars emerged as market leaders, along with a number of disruptors who exhibited strong strategy and product capabilities but need to optimise their sales and marketing execution to become Stars. “We’ve seen a number of start-ups enter the market, as well as ISVs from adjacent markets like RPA and BPM,” commented Gammon. “In addition, leading established Capture vendors have augmented their technology with more AI, machine learning and cloud-based capabilities. This has all combined to create a dynamic market with established Stars being pressured by potential Disruptors and established Competitors looking to become Stars. Explorers with strong vision are also looking to advance their businesses.”

Vendors included in the 2022 Infosource Global Capture Matrix are ABBYY, Aluma, Appian, Automation Anywhere, Ephesoft, Hypatos, Hyperscience, Hyland, IBM, inovoo, Insiders, I.R.I.S., ISIS Papyrus, KnowledgeLake, Kofax, OpenText, Rossum, TCG Process, UST, and xSuite.