Review: Alaris S2080w

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Interestingly, the new S2000 series scanners from Kodak Alaris are no longer branded with the Kodak name: the device we tested is badged simply as 'Alaris S2080w', and the same simpler naming convention applies on the control panel screens, packaging, documentation and even the mobile app that can be used to wirelessly drive the scanner from a smartphone

The S2000 family comprises duplex USB-connected (S2050 and S2070) and network/wireless (S2060w, S2080w) devices that all boast embedded image processing (reducing the requirement for more powerful - and thus more expensive - PCs in a scanning environment). The S2080w that we looked at allows Ethernet and WiFi connectivity as well as 'superfast' USB 3.1. Info Input Express LE is available for free download to use with all of the S2000 devices so that PC users can scan straight out of the box to a range of destinations in a wide range of image quality/formats, at up to 80 pages per minute.

Businesses may well wish to take advantage of the Kodak Alaris EasySetup offering: a system administrator can set scan parameters centrally, then send a sheet to all users that they can print and scan before first use that sets up each scanner to follow the organisation's standard. As users connect to a networked scanner their ID will be added to the user list displayed on the device's control panel, and once they begin a scan job (via PC or mobile) the device display will show that the scanner is in use and cannot be used by anyone else till that task is complete. User access can be controlled by a PIN where required.

Most of our readers will already be well aware of the robust features and intuitive interface of the scanners coming out of Kodak Alaris for a number of years - for this reason we took this opportunity to focus for the purposes of this review on the WiFi/mobile experience.

Setup of wireless networking is very straightforward and fast - in fact we had the S2080w connected and working via the mobile app while the PC had barely started installing Info Input Express LE. Keying in a WiFi password via the touchscreen keyboard on the 3.5" colour control panel is not a job for large fingers, however!

The ScanMate+ app is available from Android and iOS stores, and once installed is simplicity itself to use. The Settings menu allows a user to select resolution (200/300dpi), colour/greyscale/black and white, blank page removal, and whether or not to scan both sides. When the app is ready to scan it will generate a message on the scanner display to say 'Scanner in use by (your device)': insert the documents to be scanned, and press the Play button on the scanner.

Scanned documents are displayed on the mobile device instantaneously, and can then be rotated if required before being sent to your desired destination. Images can then be saved to cloud services such as Google Drive or Dropbox, or sent to email, Bluetooth or any other connected systems.
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The S2080w is a hugely functional and efficient network scanner; what really makes it stand out is the straightforward mobile/wireless interface and supporting software that make it a device suitable for any and all users, no matter their connectivity requirements.