Review: Fujitsu ScanSnap iX1500

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Fujitsu has sold over 4 million of its ScanSnap scanner devices since launch, making them one of the best selling imaging devices worldwide

This latest model, the iX1500, turns conventional desktop scanning on its head, and in the process, potentially simplifies the concept in a way that could lead to whole new markets opening up. Fujitsu describe it thus: "What it does is complex, how you use it is simple."

Previous ScanSnap models allowed the user to scan and then decide where to send the image; an approach that worked well enough, but may have been slightly off-putting to workers who didn't want the hassle of having to think too much about the document workflow outside of how it affected them doing their job. With the iX1500 the idea is to do some minimal setup beforehand, and then all scanning is accomplished via one touch. The previous two software tools, ScanSnap Manager and ScanSnap Organiser, have been replaced by one product, ScanSnap Home, that pulls together everything a user needs in order to setup, deploy and use the device.

Opening the cover reveals a large and slickly designed colour touchscreen interface ready to go - a first for the ScanSnap series that makes for intuitive use, whether an experienced or novice user. Initial setup is deceptively simple and quick, with further customisation (icons, colour schemes etc.) available if required.

As with previous ScanSnap models, paper handling is impressive - the iX1500 can handle mixed batches of different sizes, shapes and types of document in its 50 sheet ADF, with scan speed of up to 30 pages per minute. Ultrasonic multifeed detection makes for superior paper handling and reduced downtime for mis-fed documents, and long/folded documents of non-standard size can also be scanned in its ad-hoc manual scan mode.

The scanner includes automatic colour detection, rotation, blank page removal, streak reduction and de-skew to make sure the user gets a high quality image every time without having to adjust any settings. The iX1500 includes auto-classification to sort scans into one of four standard categories: document, receipt, business card or photograph, and the intelligence in the system automatically generates filenames based on keywords found in the scan, such as the word 'invoice'. Scans can also be sent direct to up to 4 cloud services.

Crucially, the iX1500 includes simple connection capabilities for WiFi access, so that multiple users can scan using the same device without having to invest in networked scanning facilities. It can connect in Wireless Access Point (WAP) mode via a router, or via Direct Connect, wherein the scanner itself acts as the WAP. Scans can therefore be easily controlled from smartphones and tablets as well as computers. Fujitsu describe the iX1500 as a 'shared rather than a networked device', meaning that while it is focused very much on improving personal productivity, the ease of sharing makes it a personal productivity tool for mulitple users, whether that is a team, a department, or even a family.
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The ScanSnap success story continues with this latest addition to the range, which brings increased personal productivity to multiple users, whether in the home, small office or a department/team.